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What is Givember?

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What is Givember?

Givember 2022 is here! You might be wondering, what is Givember, and how is it different from “holiday season” or “November + December” and why we give it a special name. Read on to find out!

Marketing Madness

As a company, we work hard to navigate the world of marketing while adhering to the values outlined in our humanifesto.

This approach becomes extremely critical to us during the ever-expanding, intense season of marketing and consumerism: “The Holiday Season.”

We want to approach marketing with genuineness and sincerity, while also attracting like-minded individuals who want to shop with us to support and promote our mission.

Holiday Season + Humanifesto = GIVEMBER


So, we created “Givember.” Givember is our all-inclusive winter wonderland vision of a festive season centered on kindness and generosity.

We aim to bring back the whole purpose of gifting: to delight your loved ones, and show appreciation for them at the same time.

We would love for you to purchase gifts from us, and thereby increase joy and kindness in the world. If you do something else to celebrate Givember, that’s awesome too!

Givember Goodness

During Givember there is a seasonal event called the Winter Solstice—the longest night of the year. This time of year also coincides with the beginning of the gradual shortening of nights and lengthening of days. It is the basis for many ancient holidays representing good energy in a form of hope, new beginnings, and renewal.

Many times a gift can symbolize this same sort of goodness. One thoughtful gift or act of generosity can send out ripples and waves of goodwill, creating the seed of a new, better world. This is optimism in action.

Ideas for Celebrating Givember

  • •Give an unexpected gift to someone
  • •Give a smile to a stranger
  • •Make something for someone
  • •Give some advice (and listen!)
  • •Learn about a winter seasonal tradition outside your family/culture/spritual-religious tradition
  • •Donate to or volunteer for a cause close to your heart


So, this Givember, we encourage you to show generosity, and increase joy and kindness in the world!