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You've Got Pumice Power!

If you like a good scrubbing, you're in luck. Now you can add pumice powder as an exfoliant when you customize your own soap. The pulverized volcanic rock is pleasantly rough—and somewhat difficult to describe.

Mad Optimist Anthony tried: “It's different than fennel, but it's right up there with fennel. Fennel is sharper, but pumice is more like sharp-sharp-sharp-sharp-sharp!

Mad Optimist Mohammed M. gave it a shot, too: “When you shower with it, it makes you feel clean.”

Hmmm. Include three parts pumice powder in The Mad Optimist's oily soap base, and you'll have a slightly gentler version of ultra-fine grit sandpaper. A great add-in for smoothing away dead skin.

Incidentally, Himalayan sea salt and blended cardamom are two other exfoliants we're currently testing. If they perform well, we'll also add those to the list of exfoliants. We'll keep you posted!