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Our Shea Butter is Awesome!

Today we’re highlighting one of wonderful ingredients, and the wonderful suppliers they come from: our organic fair-trade shea butter from Baraka Shea Butter!

What is Shea Butter, and What’s It Good For?

Shea butter (either pronounced like “She” or “Shay”) is a plant-based oil from press from the nuts of the shea tree (Vitelleria paradoxa), which is native to the dry savannah region of West Africa.

When used in bar soaps, shea butter adds a luxurious, creamy, moisturizing, and skin nourishing quality. It has become one of our most popular add-ins in our product builder since we added it!

Shea butter also traditionally has many other uses, such as a cooking oil, a waterproofing wax, hair product, and a medicinal ointment ingredient.

Where Does Our Shea Butter Come From?

We truly believe that our shea butter is one of the best out there. Why? Because of our fantastic supply partner: Baraka Shea Butter!

“Baraka believes that business can and should be a force for good, integrating social value, business value, and environmental stewardship.”

Baraka Shea Butter is a unique small company that works directly with local women in Northern Ghana to produce 100% handcrafted and natural, fair trade shea butter that is free of any added chemicals.

A family business, run by husband and wife team, Wayne Dunn and Gifty-Serbeh-Dunn, Baraka is passionate about doing business the right way, just like us! Here are ways Baraka is working to create better business (from their website,

We are proud and overjoyed to work with Baraka, and offer some of the best shea butter around!

Ready To Try It Out?

Here’s a shea butter bar soap recipe that we created for your inspiration:


  • -Neutral Skin Base
  • -1 part Patchouli
  • -2 parts Lavender
  • -1 part Clove
  • -3 parts Shea butter