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You Helped Fight Oppression, Injustice, & Inequality

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Thanks to Mad Optimist customers like you, we were recently able to donate a total of $726 to the following causes: National Coalition for the Homeless; Masjid al-Rabia, an LGBT youth group; and the International Rescue Committee, a refugee support organization. The amount represents online revenue collected on two important days that we at The Mad Optimist observe, along with other Shia Muslims like us.

Each year on Arbaeen, tens of millions of people gather in Iraq from all over the world to stand against oppression. This event is the largest annual peaceful gathering of people on the planet.

We chose the National Coalition for the Homeless, Masjid al-Rabia, and the International Rescue Committee because each of these causes helps groups specially affected by societal oppression. We are grateful to everyone who participated in choosing good.

Thank you so much! We'll be making this an annual event, so please do check back with us next fall to join in.