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Beauty and the Beast

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We love making soaps that make people feel good. And teaming up with like-minded operations to create exciting new products—well, it puts us in quite a lather. Beast Brands, AKA Tame the Beast, is an innovative bath-and-body company based out of Nashville, Tennessee, that shares our commitment to ingredients that are kind to the earth and all the beasts that roam it. So we were delighted to work with them on a couple of their invigorating bar soaps:

Beast Blue bar soap is a hefty slab of buttery goodness that delivers a rich lather, gentle hydration and Beast’s signature clean herbal scent.

Beast’s Sandpaper Scrub bar soap is Beast Blue with an edge—literally. It adds tiny bits of lava rock to the mix for a deeply satisfying exfoliation experience.

Check out their other products, too—they have personal care and grooming products for Beasts of all kinds.