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Try These Outdoors-Inspired Body Care Recipes!

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Maybe you're all about camping and hiking! Or you're singularly obsessed with growing that perfect heirloom tomato? Whatever your favorite outdoor pursuit happens to be, we've got you covered with a few outdoorsy body care recipes.

To help enhance your outdoors experience, we've created some citronella-rich lip balm, body spray, and specialty soap recipes for you. Try them as-is or modify them to make them your own!

The Great Outdoors Lip Balm:

This lip balm is perfect for moisturizing dry lips, and also works great as an outdoors-friendly hand and body lotion as well!

  • 2 parts citronella
  • 1 part lavandin
  • 1 part lemongrass
Outdoor Adventure Spray:

Use this citronella-based essential oil spray when hiking, camping, or hanging out around a campfire for a calm, aromatherapy experience.

  • 1 part cedarwood
  • 1 part citronella
  • 1 part lavandin
  • 1 part lemongrass
Gardener's Scrub Bar Soap:

An invigorating scent of peppermint and lavandin tingles with a long lasting, bubbly lather that will get all that pesky dirt out from under your nails and wash the caked on soil off your hands and body. Meanwhile, fennel seeds scrub and exfoliate all that hardened, calloused skin — leaving it feeling soft and smooth!

  • 2 parts peppermint
  • 2 parts lavandin
  • 3 parts fennel seeds
Camper's Cleanser Bar Soap:

This citronella-heavy bar soap is super lathery, and also works great as an all-in-one shampoo bar, face bar, and body bar, perfect for when you have to carry all of your supplies. And like all Mad Optimist products, it's perfectly natural, biodegradable, and safe for the environment.

  • 1 part cedarwood
  • 2 parts citronella
  • 1 part rosemary
  • 3 parts Bentonite clay
Critters Can't Smell Me Bar Soap:

This unscented soap thoroughly removes your scent—great for when you're wildlife-watching and don't want to disturb the critters!

  • Unscented
  • 1 part Bentonite clay
  • 1 part pumice