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Wooden Soap Saver

Wooden Soap Saver
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Extend the life of your favorite bath soap with this white oak soap rest. White oak is the strongest, most rot-resistant wood in North America and will last for years. Wide, deep grooves allow water to drain away and air to circulate around your bar of soap, extending its useful life. No more “gucky” soap! If any soap residue does build up on the soap rest, simply toss it into the laundry! Each soap rest is sanded and left unfinished with no oils to go rancid and no finish to wear away. Makes a great gift, especially when combined with a bar of all-natural soap.

1 Large White Oak Wooden Soap Saver; 3/4" x 2-5/8" x 4-1/8"; Manufacturer: Hoosier Woodworks.

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Wooden Soap Saver

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